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Let’s face it, you are incredibly talented.  You have a product or service that is just dynamite. Confidence is sexy, so it perfectly fine for you to acknowledge that, right?

You have tasks in your business that you feel like a total rockstar when you complete; however, you also have those tasks that you dread….the ones that you are just ok at.

It took years for me to learn that outsourcing in business is one of the smartest things you can do.  Those years were filled with nights of me banging my head against the wall.  I wasted hours doing things that are required for business but tasks that I was mediocre at…..or let’s be honest…..just plain bad at.

Here is where my confidence comes in. I am happy to share my strengths with you. I excel in social media and email marketing.

My company is a full service marketing firm, but personally I totally rock some social content and email marketing campaigns.  I have a team that is highly skilled at website and logo design, as well as, all things marketing.

My passion is using social media and email platforms to help you connect with your target audience.  Your email list and your target audience is where your money is.

Are you sending email campaigns?

If not, you absolutely MUST.

Do you struggle with creating and scheduling quality content?

Consistent content is a MUST to stay connected with your audience.

Do you need a clarity call from time to time to help yourself stay motivated and encouraged?

Working with a mentor that has years of experience is crucial to your success.

So why Jamie?

Passion. Knowledge. Experience.

That’s Why.

It is one thing to be educated on a topic, but when you add passion and years of experience, that is what you get when you work with me.  Plus, working with me is fun! I promise to be real, helpful, encouraging and provide you with amazing tools and advice to grow your business.

Whatever that task is that has you banging your head against the wall, I would be honored to help.  Let me provide the strength to that part of your business.  You are worth it and so is your business!

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